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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  May 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. it is an even most places get years to prepare for. >> frederick county got just two months. world leader will tea send on camp david in frederick county for the g-8 summit and the normally quiet area is preparing for an event local law enforcement says is unlike anything it has ever experienced. new details this morning in the trayvon martin case. 911 calls and photographs
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revealing more details about the night the unarmed teen was shot and killed. >> later this hour, help for home owners struggling with their mortgage. we have the details on the a big settlement that could help lower your monthly payments. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. . it is 6:00 and friday, the 18th. weekend upon us a live look outside right now. perhaps a bit chilly as you start your morning. but tucker says prepare for a wonderful forecast. good morning. i'm will thomas. >> a quick commuter alert for you, crews are on the scene a water main break in roslyn right now. expect delays on metro in the area of roslyn station. there is a staging area at north 19th street and fort myer drive. expect road closures in that area. we'll have more on this coming up throughout the morning. >> a lot of people are trying to to take their showers and
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going what's going on. >> that is no fun. >> good morning. cool temperatures to start your day. we have some 40s out there. maybe a light jacket. 75 for a daytime high today, maybe 76. a nice weekend too. >> till within gorgeous. >> now that of a said it, let's make it official by looking at the maps. here you go. your radar showing you it is very quiet across the area. >> hopefully empty radar. >> in fact, the radar will show you -- >> wear just not going to go through that. >> if we look at any maps at all, i can tell you -- we've got some shower activity down across north carolina. that is far enough away and high pressure will be strong enough to keep us nice and dry. if you are headed down into the carolinas, you will encounter some showers and more clouds down there. lower eastern shore, generally nice and dry. a few showers or a few clouds as you are headed down towards ocean city. 57 now in washington. the humidity, 77%. that is because our temperatures are so cool. winds out of the east at five miles per hour.
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beautiful forecast, lots of sunshine today. nice and dry for you. high temperatures in the mid- 70s. maybe 75 degrees at 5:00 p.m. >> gorgeous time for the beach. >> up fortunately, things aren't so pretty out there on the roadways. let's check in with julie wright and get the latest on traffic. >> good morning. the crew in sky fox helping me out this morning with what is going on here out in proy. if you are traveling along 197, that is where the roadway is blocked. southbound lanes remain closed right now. northbound has been reopened. but again, southbound 197, the multivehicle accident involving at least three vehicles has the roadway blocked. you will find that you can access 197 from 50 at this point. it is the southbound lanes that are closed between ken hill drive and 50. northbound is open. this is a lengthy investigation. this accident has been with us for a couple of hours. the southbound lanes remain blocked. northbound be everything is able to get by. we'll take it back inside and update the ride elsewhere. if you are traveling in virginia, sarah just pointed this out to you.
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we just went tie camera. if you are traveling along 66, we do have the delays headed in towards the capital beltway. now, let me map out the water main break for you. it is closing may good portion of 29 between lynn street and fort myer drive until further notice. metro is reporting delays on the bus schedule so expect some extra time in this area. 29 remains closed between lynn street and fort myer drive. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. . now to the big world summit in frederick, maryland. >> president obama is hosting the g-8 summit at camp david. sherry ly is live in morning in fled rick with more on the prep rigs and let me begin by saying happy birthday, sherry. >> oh, why, thank you, will. i preeb that. we are up here near. camp david. -- i appreciate that. the big concern here are the protester coming around the g-8 summit. they are expected to converge on parks like this one here in
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frederick as well as closer to camp david. and that means extra police, road closures and for the people around here, some major inconveniences for the next two days. the president and other world leaderss are expected to arrive at camp david later today. the presidential retreat expected to some heavy security. road closures, some traffic congestion on the major highs. the jete summit was moved from -- the g-8 summit was moved from chicago to frederick giving local officials just two months to prepare. the g-8 summit includes eight heads of state, their advisors and the throngs the media. >> we have presidential visits on a regular basis. that part is not new to us. we have foreign heads of state so that is not new for us. the thing that has changed and is different is the number of
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people that are involved in this specific event. >> reporter: now, the national park and an adjoining state park to camp david are shut down for security reasons. the president and the world leader expected to have a working dinner tonight and work throughout the day tomorrow before leaving for chicago. bys around the area because of the security and the possibility of protestors have been warned to take tables and signs and thins from outside, things that could be damaged or used by protesters to damage things as well. that is the latest here in frederick. back to you. >> thank you. another big story we are following this morning. new details out of the trayvon martin case. >> officials released photos, recordings and nearly 200 pages of documents laying out what happened the night 17-year-old trayvon martin was killed. a never before seen photo shows
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george zimmerman with a bloody nose the night of the shooting. officials are still trying to piece together the evidence but one investigator said the shooting could have been avoided if zimmerman waited for law enforcement to arrive. we have been talking about this one for weeks now. today is the day facebook goes public later this morning. it is one of the biggest ipos in history. i know we are astill on the zimmerman video there. this is the story that everyone on wall street is talking about. this ipo for facebook expected to send the value of the company skyrocketing to $104 billion. we are talking more about facebook's huge day later this morning with fox business network. also in this morning's top stories, just one day after the death of d.c. music legend chuck brown, another star is lost. lost.
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& last dance for love &&. >> donna summer died yesterday after a battle with cancer. president obama and first lady hi shell obama shared their cop dole exs calling her voice, quote, unforgettable. summer rose to fame in the '70s with a string of disc owe hits and went on to win five grammys. donna summer was 63 years old. >> she will be missed. i think a lot of us didn't know she was battling cancer. >> right. a driverless car put to the test on the streets of d.c. we'll show you some pretty incredible new technology that could change the way people get around. nobody like it when stuff gets stolen from their desk. the cookies just sort of walk off. and when you work on capitol hill, chances are you have some pretty important stuff stashed in your desk. we are more on the mysteries in the halls of congress when we continue. 
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police on capitol hill are trying to figure out who is breaking into offices of lawmaker in the middle of the night. the thieves are taking cameras and i-pods but also stealing inresponsive items too that have sentimental value. they are using keys, leading some to speculate that they are inside jobs. jury deliberations are set to begin this morning in the john edwards trial and closing arguments thursday prosecutors claimed edwards knew that using campaign donations to try to hide the fair was against the law. edwards' defense team asked the jury to see that what he did was a i sin but not afelony. edwards faces 30 years in prison if convicted. an update from the campaign trail. while president obama hosts world leads are at camp david for the g-8 summit, presumptive republican nominee mitt romney will be campaigning in new hampshire touched polls continue to predict a very tight race. that is reflected in fund raising too.
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the romney camp along with the republican national committee raised $40.1 million last month. that is nearly on pace with the $43.6 million raised by president obama's re-election campaign. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, got to have some faith here. no driver, no problem. google puts new technology to the test on the streets of d.c. find out how the driverless car works. and some lovely weather ahead this weekend. we'll check in with tucker for your full forecast when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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some taxes and fees are going up in montgomery county. leaders there passed a budget that increases spending by 6% which includes a one-time bone us for countsy workers. to pay for all that, property attacks will go up a bit. residential parking permits will increase by $5 as will the cost a monthly ride-on pass. a controversial energy tax
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increase will also be exten. >> no one likes new attacks or additional ones but i think people are going to like the forecast, right? >> effect is going to love the forecast. a little cooler right now. kids headed out to the bus stop. they miept want a light jacket. later today, mid-70s. low humidity. bright sunshine. everybody will be enjoying happy hour early today because it will be perfect. >> kids are happy too on the bus. -- they might want a light jacket. >> a happy hour on the bus. >> not like that kind of happy hour. it is get up and get started kind of happy hour. not what you guys are referring to. this is one of tough days with allison can't quite figure out how to dress the girls. off to the north and west, 46. frederick, 41, definitely jacket weather. we are a little warmer here as you get close to the bay. annapolis, 66 to start your
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morning again. should be a gorgeous day. we are expecting bright sunshine throughout the day. high pressure is parked here into southern new england. our winds have shifted now and they will be out of the north and east and keep us nice and dry. got to watch the storm system to the south. not so much today and tomorrow but as we get in late in the inned weekend, early next week. if it bubbles up, we'll see cloud cover and the potential if a late day storm on sunday and maybe monday. otherwise, just a fantastic looking couple of days with temperatures expected to be in the middle 70s. here is a look at your surface features. the high pressure will keep us nice and dry. mild conditions expected today with highs in the mid- to upper 70s. we'll watch the storm as we get into the weekend. it could track far enough off to the south an east that we don't have much impact. sunshine, beautiful afternoon, 76 your daytime high. clear skies, cool overnight. 51 the overnight low. winds out of the east at five to 10.
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here is a beautiful weekend. sunshine saturday, 08 degrees. sunday, 80, could be a late storm and we'll watch that storminess i showed you off the southeast coast by monday and tuesday. it will bring us more humidity and maybe a few more showers. that is weather. let's do some traffic. julie wright has got your latest. >> i've got to say i'm so happy that lindsay campbell and the crew were out to mick my ac owe i'm ready to keep it cool all weekend long. come on over. we've got the pool out on the deck. we are ready to have some fun. >> awesome. >> on the roads, dave rysak out on the seen of this water main break that was tying i'm good portion of 29 between lynn street and fort mier drive. we are told they are hoping to get some traffic through this area. we do see a car or two coming through here. there were crews that were set up. the roadway was completely blocked off in each direction. that has changed. this is along 29 between lip street and fort mier drive. this is lynn street -- 29
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rather between lynn street and fort myer drive. southbound 197 between ken he'll drive and route 50 is closed. three cars involved in this crash. we saw them load the red car up on to the rollback. the other vehicle pulled over to the shoulder. southbound lanes remain closed. northbound is open. can you access 50 and 197 at this point from westbound other to 197. you can access the highway there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. google is usually associated with internet search engines but they have rolled out some new technology that could make getting behind the wheel a thing of the past. called the self-driving car, and through technology, the car actually drives itself. google says there is a spinning cylinder on the roof of this high-tech car. there it is. it creates an image of everything nearby. d.c. counsel sell members tommy wells and mary cheh got to take
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it for a spin yesterday. >> that george michael song, got to have faith, faith. >> if you're not touching the wheel, that is scary. >> we'll go live to fox business network in new york city. facebook founder mark zuckerberg is about to get a nice chunk of change to say the least. can the average guy get in on the history making ipo. >> bono will profit from today's big move by facebook. he that a more than 2% stake in the social net, would go giant. when it goes public today, his share is expected to jump to $1.5 billion. oh, my gosh. you hear 2%, you think that's not that much. that is a lot of money. m. e pt come reports it will make him the wealthiest rock star minister world outpacing paul mccartney. wow. good to be bono. back in a moment. [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub!
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let's get right to t a very big day to say the least for the facebook and a whole lot of investors are hoping to make a whole lot of money. lauren simonetti with fox business netted working live in new york with this morning's business beat. the weekend just about here for us. >> happy friday. long day ahead but the weekend is close. >> good. good, the weather at least for most of us shaping up to be great. facebook will sell shares at $38 a facebook has never turned profit. a lot of us are wondering how can this be. the with facebook is that their ad revenue stream is tapering off a bit. facebook has prom id to always be free but they are trying to convince these von vestors who are saying how are you going to
6:26 am
make money that they are on top of and they are figuring out ways to continue bringing in the revenue and being profitable. >> could this abby catalyst the stock market really needs? >> the fine ipo? most definitely. sometimes, selling just begets selling. for the past 12 days, the dow industrials are down for 11 sessions in those 126789 that is the longest losing streak in 10 years. we are jut selling for the sage of selling at this point. we need something to make investors come in and buy on the dips and jump back into the market. it looks like the facebook ipo today will do it. >> world markets really taking a beating, lauren. many banks i think in spain downgraded. what's going on here? >> moody's downgraded 16 spanish banks last night. this just adds to the volatility and uncertainty over in europe that is killing our trading here in the u.s. we haven't had the worst economic
6:27 am
data this week. we had pretty decent numbers in trms of house ago and the job market it is annoying to see europe keep taking us down for the month of may, we have the broader market down almost 7%en that is the environment where we are having the u.s.'s second biggest ipo ever debut. >> all i eyes on facebook today. all right. thank you so much. enjoy the weekend. >> okay. you too. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, if you are struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments, help is on the way. but navigating all the details, the paperwork, can be mind boggling. we'll tell you what is happening in maryland to clean up the confusion and make sure you are getting the most out of a multibillion dollar settlement against the nation's biggest lenders. fox 5 morning news continues right after this. 
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welcome back. it is 6:30.
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take a look at 359 359 -- 359 and glebe. be prepared to share the road this friday. it is national bike to work day. at least 11,000 people from across d.c., maryland and virginia are expected to take part in this. here are some tampa bay buccaneers from aaa for keeping the commute as civil as possible. remember, cyclists have the right to ride in regular traffic lanes. so stop honking at them. but they also have to follow the rules like regular drivers too. keep that in mind. that includes stopping at a stop sign and red lights. drivers are advised to give at least three feet of clearance when passing a cyclist. there are 58 bike to work day pit stops across the region. for more information, go to it all sound good but it still field like when you are on i abike in maces like d.c., it is you against all those cars and potentially very dangerous. >> try not to road rage on this friday. >> weather is going to
6:32 am
cooperate for everybody biking it work. >> it should be a cool ride. 41 in winchester. that is cool enough for jacket we are. let's take a look at our radar. you can see the beam and not offering up much this morning and we'll be nice and dry today. generally sunny skies. just a few cirrus clouds here during the course of the afternoon. those are the high, thin ones. we are not expecting any issues. a beautiful friday, nice- looking weekend. a great weather guy question coming up where we're doing some investigative reporting. >> investigative? >> you have time to do investigative? >> you look at me like that is not a possibility. >> you barely kept a straight face saying that one. >> you know would doesn't have a straight face. i know you are smiling when you
6:33 am
see a forecast like that. >> i was going to say will, don't have a straight face. are you sighing i'm crooked. >> you are always smiling but especially on a warm day. >> absolutely. the crew in sky fox heading over towards 270. better news along 197 at 50. the roadway has been reopened in each direction. dave rysak has been checking out the water mop break which occurred between lynn street and fort myer drive. we do have traffic that is able to get by. out of the four lanes, at least two lanes are open along fort myer drive. that has been some improvement made. mefort metro says you can expect some delays on the bus lupe because they are having to work around the closure areas that we had earlier this morning. we do have two lanes that are able to get by. -- metro says you can expect some delaws on the bus line. north of duke street, heavy y and slow up towards seminary
6:34 am
road. southbound 270 not abad rude out of the hyattstown. authorities checking for a disabled truck near montrose road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. turning now to president obama's g-8 summit at camp david today and tomorrow. he will first meet the president of france at the white house this morning. >> then the president heads up to frederick county for two days of meetings. but protest hes are all expected to make their voices heard. fox 5's sherry ly is live this morning in frederick with more on today's preparations. >> good morning. frederick county had just two months to get ready for this summit after it was moved from chicago and now they have to deal with all that comes with it. that includes the heightened security, the protesters you mentioned expected at park like this one and the impact all around this area is already being felt. the president and leaders of the world's top economic powers will arrive at camp david later
6:35 am
today. the retreat chosen specifically for its seclusion. roads closed around camp david and heavy congestion on nearby highways on top of what was already a big weekend here as a number of nearby colleges are holding graduation ceremonies. >> we knew this particular weekend was going to be a busy one anyway. some of our properties were already forecasting sellouts and it has been a few years since wave been forecasting sellouts with the economy. >> reporter: additional police have been brought in from throughout the state to beef up the security. given the influx of people, the hospital here in frederick has also staffed up as a precaution going into code yellow stand-by alert. that is typically used in the case of a disaster. in issue to the possible injuries from protests, the hospital also has to be concerned in case one of these
6:36 am
world leaders were to become ill. the secret service and white house officials met with the hospital to make sure that they have the proper protocols as well as accommodations should that happen. that is the latest here in frederick. back to you. >> thank you. one of the big stories we are following this morning, new details in the trayvon martin shooting case. nearly 200 opinions of previous will you up clis kosovoed documents were released yesterday including photos like this one, video, witness statements and autopsy results. trayvon martin's autopsy reveals he was shot at close range. a photo shows george zimmerman with a bloody nose. there is also security camera footage from a nearby 7-eleven store showing the moments just before the teenager was killed by zimmerman. there he is in his hoodie. zimmerman claim he shot martin in self-defense but one resident suggests zimmerman might be a raise its. >> i don't know at all who this kid was or anything else but i know george and i know that he
6:37 am
does not like black people and he would start something. >> an officer investigating the case says he believes the shooting could have been avoided if zimmerman waited for law enforcement to arrive. still ahead here on fox 5 morning news, the new stud you raises serious concerns about a commonly prescribed antibiotic. >> but first, hope for home owners overwhelmeled by their mortgage. the nation's largest banks have agreed to help make payments more manageable. getting through the paperwork can be a challenge. we'll let you no he what is thatting in our yard to help you out. >> the nationals host the orioles today and tomorrow, it is game two. can you catch that one right here on fox 5. it is saturday night at 7:00. then your late news. we are back in just a moment.
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welcome back. there are signs of recovery in the housing market but they
6:41 am
don't mean much if you are still having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments. this morning, we have some good news. a settlement reached back in february is going to help home owners nationwide stand will have a big impact in maryland. we have two representatives here to talk about this. this settlement happened back in february. doug, you were just telling me that the money is becoming available. >> it was just filed about three week ago in federal court in d.c. inform maryland alone, there are about $960 million coming directly to home owners. most will go to people on the brink of foreclosure. there is another pool of money which will bow to people who are under water on their payments. another pool of money for people who have been foreclosed on and the attorney general is directing a good portion of the
6:42 am
money to housing counselors and legal assistance to help folks navigate the process. one of the things we're diagnose is we want to peak sure people know about it. we want to make sure people know they are eligible and reach out to the banks because the banks need to get this money out. they have incentive to get the money to the people would actually need the help and need the help right now. >> that leads to the next question. people are like great, who is eligible? am i one of them. >> you have to have your loan serviced by bank of america, wells fargo, j. p. morgan, or alloive. you should go to any housing counselor and make sure you avail yourself of that eligibility so can you have principal reduction or loan
6:43 am
modification. >> now, a delegate, i know that you represent the bridge county area. that was the county that was hit hard by this as well. give me an idea of how much you think this could help some of the people you represent. >> absolutely t could help a great dealen. as you know, bridge qowpt yankees with the hardest hit county in the state of maryland -- prince george's county was the hardest hit county in the state of maryland. individuals who are eligible, if they connect with a housing counselor or a pro bono attorney, which both resources are available at the outreach events that we are hosting throughout the county, they can connect with individual whose can represent them and help them navigate the process to get relief from their bank. >> now, i know we had some of these locations if we can put them up on the screen. there will be two locations where people can go to the workshops. one is this coming saturday. >> yes, we have one this coming saturday. it starts at 11:00 a.m. at new revival baptist church in capital heights. >> they be there is one on
6:44 am
wednesday, may 23rd. that is at the old bowie city hall. there we go. give me an idea too. how-- when people go to these workshops, what kind of information do they need to have with them. >> absolutely. they should bring all their mortgage documents including their had you had one, any closing information they have as well as any information represented to their income and expenses. we have housing counselors on site that can assist them by helping them put their packages together to submit to their banks. so any information related to the mortgage, if they received a notice that there is an intent to foreclose on the property, they should bring that as well. >> okay. we want to remind people out there, folks that are watching, that you can get this information. there is a direct link on our website to all the attorney general web sites for maryland, virginia and d.c. both links will lead to the opinions where they need to go to get more
6:45 am
information. >> there is $960 million coming to maryland and also $400 million coming to people in virginia and $40 million to poem in d.c. >> thank you for coming in. we reach it. >> thank you. time now is just going on 6:45. it will be a gorgeous day outside. >> nice start. we have cool temperatures to start. you might want to think about bringing a jacket as you run out the door. later today, bright sunshine. >> and bike to work day. >> a look at your temperatures. we've fallen back into the 40s. even low 40s any few spots. look at frederick. 41degrees this morning in frederick. that is awfully chilly for the second half of may. 46 in gaithersburg. let's see. quantico is 56 degrees as we look off to the east here. annapolis, a little warmer, 56. north and west of the city,
6:46 am
look at the 40s. should be a great being looking start to the day. we are expecting bright sunshine. highs topping out in the mid- 70s. yesterday, we were 77 at reagan national. we'll be real close to that again this afternoon. satellite-radar, very quiet weather pattern. high pressure parked right about here in southern new england and our wind are out of the north and east this morning. very light, about five miles per hour. shoulding a mostly sunny day. a few clouds soaked with an area of low pressure that is down just off the coast of south carolina and a few of those clouds are going to kind of get thrown back to the washington area particularly south and east of us. if you are headed to the lower eastern shore, you will see a few clouds today. otherwise, a perfect looking forecast. have to watch the storm as we get to the end of the weekend. if it gets far enough north, it may give us a chance for a late thunderstorm on sunday and increase our huge way few showers for early next week.
6:47 am
could be a late storm on sunday. may stay dry as well and by monday and tuesday, a little bit more in the way of humidity and a few more showers. at least the possibility of a few more showers and storms by monday tuesday. >> good morning, tony. >> good morning. love that tie. >> thank you. >> very nice. >> you know what time it is? it is time for ask the weather guys, the most popular segment on morning television. this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. we love these kinds of questions. today's question comes from ang -- from angela, she turned 25. >> he wanted to answer it but we had the chuck brown news. >> happy birthday to you.
6:48 am
she turned 25 on wednesday. she says every year that she can remember, it has rained on her birthday. angela writes, how many years has it rained on may 16th in the past 25 years? is it common for it to rain every year on the same day? >> excellent question. nt quest >> that is an easy one. all props to tucker barnes who took this on. had a lot of research to do. you got to go through 25 years of records. >> there you go. you can hear it. pink panther music. of he was a sleuth on this one joomple on the last four out of sick years on her birthday, it has rained. get this. on the day of her birth, back in the late 1908s, it rained.
6:49 am
>> it did on the day she was born. >> it rained. >> on her first birthday, we got the most rain we've ever got fotopoulos the date, close to 2-inchs of rain. >> so i'm he sure some of this, probably her parents said it seems like it rains every year on your birthday because she doesn't remember the first couple of years. >> let me mention on your 16th birthday, not your mansion nation if your sweet 16 was a little soggy. it rained 1.4 ins. on your 21st birthday, it rained about a half inch. so sure enough, it seems like you have ahe gotten a lot of rain. the honest truth is it has only rained on 12 out of 25 of your birthdays. >> still, it has rained enough on significant birthdays that it would certainly certainly
6:50 am
seem like it rains every year on my birthday. >> rain is significant and signifies washing the past year away. >> she asked is it comment for it to rain on the same day. there are some times of year that are rainier than others and may is the rainiest month. >> you're right w we average almost 4 inches of rain in may. if you are one people that were born in may, your chances of seeing rain on your birthday. >> it plays havoc with a lot of weddings. >> people like to have a may or june wedding. have you a good chance of rainy days. >> a lot of tents being erected. >> that is right. it threatened rain on wednesday for your 25th birthday but it did not actually rain wednesday. >> at least not at reagan national. >> i can't wait -- >> we have to point out, she did not make it clear but we assume she has lived in this yard for all that time. >> i can't wait for the 100-
6:51 am
year-old man who writes in and wants to know how many times it has rained on his birthday. >> tucker will make me do that one. >> happy birthday to you. hope you had a good one. we'll keep track for the next 25 years. if you have a question, go to and click on the weather tab. you can also upload your video question and we may play it on air. >> happy belated birthday. hopefully the move on the roads looking pretty good right now. ♪ there's a party going on right here. >> we have to get her attention. julie, time for traffic. >> and real quick, i have to say pell owe to mariel. she is a workout buddy. thank you for being there with me. hats off to you. >> eastbound as you work your way inbound from 123 towards the capital beltway, accident activity tying up what was the right side of the road. it looks like it is in the
6:52 am
process of being moved out of the roadway. we still have heavy roll yum delays in this area. -- heavy volume delays in this area. 395 leave duke city headed out towards seminary road. heavy and slow. southbound 270, you are good to go out of rockville headed out towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. a health alert for you this morning about a popular antibiotic. a recently released stud you found there may be a link between erythromycin frequently prescribe prescribed as zithro max and sudden onset health problems. 29 deaths were represented to heart problems among those on a five-day course of zithromax. we are you can thatting more about these findings in our 8:00 hour. scherr often sleep deprived, juggling 10 martin luther kings at once and have
6:53 am
to be prepared for i go. we are talking about parents. a new study says parents may experience higher level of papiness compared to people without kids. psychologist compared parents to their childless peers and they found older married parents tend to be the happiest. the report is set to be published in an upcoming issue of psychological science. pick that up along with your vogue, i guess, write. a nice day to take the kids out to the zoo. betty white will be there too signing her book. she was at gw last night promoting her new book, betty and friends, my life at the zoo. she is a strong advocate for zoos an her role in protecting endangered wildlife. the zoo by the way will still be open to regular visit ires on but you are encouraged to
6:54 am
take public transportation. weather cooperating today. still ahead, we are going to the preakness. >> it is as much about the fun on the infield as it is about the excitement on the track. holly is live it the pimlico as we continue.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris on this friday. we are doing some horsing around where they are gearing up for the preakness stakes. as of now "i'll have another" who won the derby is not the favorite. it's a virginia bred horse, that is bodie meister. he came in second. it's a rematch of sorts. the trainer doug o'neil who trained the derby winner says he's okay with that. i talked to him this morning. we ran into doug and he said he
6:58 am
will join us live in the 7:00 hour to talk about perhaps getting that second jewel of the triple crown and how he sees the races shaping up. we also are going to talk to someone about owning your own racehorse. there is a business bethesda company -- we are off to the races, gang. >> you got a nice day for it too. >> yeah, the weather is perfection for that. thanks. >> thank you. let's say a big good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is brenda rear. she is amazed at how fast julie can talk when doing traffic. i am too. she is pretty good. for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, head to facebook and search fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment
6:59 am
under brenda's photo. >> thanks for watching, brenda. that is a wrap on our 6:00 hour. >> now let's send it over to allison and tony. good morning. >> good morning. happy friday morning. coming up at 7:00, a major traffic headache in parts of arlington, an overnight water main break in roslyn is causing road closures and delays. and the big g8 summit starts today. with two months' notice is frederick county prepared for such a big event? we are live with more on that straight ahead. plus, new details released on the trayvon martin case. for the first time the public is seeing hundreds of pages of evidence, audio recordings and videotape. coming up it all reveals the details about the night of the deadly shooting. fox fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts now


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